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Holistic Behavioral Health provides quality and comprehensive healthcare services in Washington and the Texas States. We believe in helping our patients work towards their pathway to wellness, and we’re committed to exceeding the expectations of our patients with outstanding services. Let us provide you with the personalized care you deserve.

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Telehealth/Video Appointment Instructions

All Telehealth sessions are by appointment only and must be scheduled in advance.
Via Computer /electronic device such as a phone or tablet.

Go to a private, safe place of your choosing.

Click on your provider's virtual waiting room link. You will be prompted to download the appropriate software or app if necessary.

Fill in your name and current location and click "Enter".

Wait for your provider to connect with you.

Have your appointment!

Medication Refill

Medication refills require at least 3 business days in advance of any expiring prescriptions and will be processed during our regular office hours. The office manager will assist you with refills. Please have the following information ready: pharmacy number, medication name, dosage, route of administration, and frequency.

Prior authorizations may be required by your health insurance plan for some medications. Please have your pharmacist contact us as soon as possible with any prior authorization requests so that our office will start the prior authorization process. Be aware that it may take your insurance plan a few business days to make a decision regarding coverage. If you need a medication filled prior to receiving authorization, you may pay for the cost of the medication directly without going through your insurance plan. However, if you choose to pay for a medication yourself, you will likely not be reimbursed by your insurance plan.

Note: Please do not send us any Protected Health Information (PHI), any clinical information, any treatment information or any other transmission that may contain material protected and governed by the Health Insurance and Portability Act (HIPAA) through unsecured email. Please contact us at our office phone number to find out how this type of information should be sent to us.

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